Judging Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for theatre educators and artists to donate their time to Massachusetts Thespians. We use guest directors and performers throughout the year in various capacities. Judging, workshop performers and technicians are hired for many festival roles.


Judging Opportunities

For our Annual Thespian Festival, we are looking for qualified adjudicators for our various events. To be eligible to adjudicate, you must:


Be 21 years of age and one of the following​​​

  • Current theatre arts student, senior level

  • Graduate student in theatre arts

  • Theatre arts educator

  • Professional theatre artist

  • Be able to give constructive and articulate written feedback to students​

  • Possess the skills and experience to judge middle and/or high school theatre performances and technical presentations


On the day of a festival, the adjudicator must be able to:​​​​

  • Attend the judges training session

  • Follow the prescribed adjudication guidelines

  • Watch complete performances/presentations

  • Complete adjudication sheets as the performance is in progress

  • Write criticism that is both constructive and encouraging

  • Complete our form and rubrics with the required rankings

Interested? Contact us at mathespians@gmail.com