Acton-Boxborough Regional High School is located at 36 Charter Rd in Acton, MA. However, the auditorium is located at the back of the building, and you may wish to use the "old" address at 96 Hayward Rd in Acton, MA if you are navigating by GPS. If coming through 36 Charter Road, we are a campus, so when you come in, you'll see the middle school and Dragonfly theatre on your left, then elementary schools on your right, then an administration building on your right, and keep driving.  The high school is at the end of the lane, and you can park in any open spot. 


On your tech day, please come to the Hayward Road entrance and we will meet your school there. On the day of the festival, volunteers will direct your trucks only to unload at this location, while busses and others are asked to drop-off at the main entrance on Charter Rd.


Once inside the building, signs will direct you to the various spaces. Festival takes place primarily in the East end of the building, with the exception of the cafeteria and director's room, which are in the North wing. No Festival activities take place in the West or South wings of the building.