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Three Ways to Theatre, All in One Day


Workshops. Masterclasses. One-Acts. Choose Your Own Adventure.

Students can participate in all events throughout the day, choosing their own adventure, but please remember, you must pre-register Individual Events if you wish to present. MA Thespians Festival is open to all high school students, thespian or not! In each part of the day, students can choose to see a one-act, participate in a workshop, attend an individual event master class, or watch a show adjudication.  Check out a sample student day!


Our day begins with an opening ceremony at 8:30 am and ends with an awards ceremony at 9:00 pm.

We recommend schools plan on arriving at 8:00 am and plan on leaving around 9:45 pm to stay for the awards ceremony for one-acts and individual events.

Students may choose to leave early, or after our last workshops at 7:00.​