2020 Massachusetts ThesFest

Saturday, February 8 


Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

The middle school track features workshops specially designed for middle school thespians, attendance at individual events, one-acts, and freestyle theatre.


The goals of our middle school track are to:

  • Expose middle school thespians to great theatre

  • Model how to take and receive notes

  • Introduce important theatrical concepts and techniques

  • Connect our middle school thespians to the larger community of thespians in our state

But most importantly, we want our middle school students to get excited about theatre and being a thespian!

Festival is a celebration of our work and is a collaborative (not competitive) environment. Registration is $25 per student attendee (prior to January 8), $10 per chaperone, and troupe directors/teachers are on us. Middle school registration policies are the same as all festival registration policies. 


The day is designed to expose middle school students to a wide range of theatre. Our middle school students have a more guided experience with a clear path through the day so they can experience all opportunities: one-act performances, freestyle theatre workshop, Thespys master classes, and workshops.